Time Management Tips for Students

How many of you have been through this situation of planning too many things for the day and end up doing nothing? (Aja note ni banauchu, math ko assignment ni complete garchu, yo ni garchu tyo ni garchu tara paila eekei chin facebook chalauchu and using facebook entire day.) I guess most of us might have been through this. Therefore learning how to manage time effectively is one of the important skills which every students must master.

In this post, I have created a list of time management technique for students which will help them to plan and complete their task effectively and on timely basis. Let’s get started

a. Create a Master Plan

Make a master schedule that you can use to know what you need to achieve and what the things that you would like to complete are. This will help you to prioritize tasks and provide structure to help track the progress. Make a list of all the things that you need to do. Jot it down in a paper.

b. Prepare priority list

Once you have jot down everything that you need to do in this week, now the next thing to do is make a priority list. Prioritize your task based on due date and urgency. Make a step by step to do task list. First this one and then this and then that, rank it.

c. Breakdown into sizeable chunk

Now that you have prioritize your task and ready to start with the high priority task, break your task into sizeable chunk. For example, if you want to complete making notes of accounts subject with 2 chapter, now break it down to like
a. Making concept note of first chapter.
b. Solving question answer of first chapter.
c. Making concept note of second chapter.
d. Solving question answer of second chapter.
This process is crucial because whenever our brain think of task that is voluminous or big in size, it tend to give negative signal and we start to procrastinate instead of actually doing it. So breaking it in smaller piece will help us achieve it faster.

d. Eliminate Distraction

When you sit to do your assignment or sit to read, first thing you do is to eliminate yourself from every distraction. Find a comfortable place for study, switch off your mobile phone and stay away from other distraction. The Pomodoro Technique of doing task might help you to concentrate on your task with more focus.

e. Set Target not Time

While you go for study or to do some task, set target that you want to achieve before you leave doing it. Don’t go for time. Take simple example: If in a class room teacher says, “You need to complete this task and go to play after this class”, the students mind will work in manner like “Even If I complete the task early, I need to sit in the class. So why to do it fast.” However if the teacher says “Who so ever complete this task can go to play”, students will work productively to complete the task as soon as possible so that they can play.

So when we sit to read, set target and once you complete your target reward yourself (it may be your favorite song, a comedy video or a game).

f. Work on one think at a time

It might seem like more is being accomplished with multitasking, but splitting attention between more than one task is not an effective way to learn. Focusing on one task as a time will help us complete it more effectively and efficiently.

g. Get enough sleep

Never ever regret for your sleep. Proper sleep helps to be productive all day long. So get enough sleep anywhere between 7-8 hours each day.

With these tips, I am sure you will able to manage your time productively.

I would love to hear about your technique of time management. Feel free to contact me at bishal.bhattarai01@gmail.com